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Officer charged in shooting of Bear-Bear!

There IS power in the collective voice!  Originally.. the case was dropped..  and now we have charges filed!


Rally For Bear-Bear

Thank you to all of our supporters who went to the rally outside the
State Attorney’s Office for Bear-Bear yesterday!

The 911 call from the Shooter

An off-duty federal police officer called 911 about 6:30 p.m. Aug. 2 to report he had just shot an off-leash Siberian husky inside the fenced-in portion of the Quail Run community dog park. He claimed he shot Bear-Bear in order to protect his personal dog, a German shepherd named Asia.

The following recording was redacted by the county Police Department.

Have You Buzzed for Bear-Bear Today?

Please take a moment to buzz about Bear-Bear’s story..  keep his story in the news!

Life with Bear-Bear

Check out this great article about Bear-Bear!–without-the-controversy-Exsclusive-Q–A-interview