Officer charged in shooting of Bear-Bear!

There IS power in the collective voice!  Originally.. the case was dropped..  and now we have charges filed!


7 responses to “Officer charged in shooting of Bear-Bear!

  1. There WILL be justice for Bear-Bear!!!

  2. I am so glad something is being done. I completely agree – the collective voice CAN make a difference! This NEVER should have happened to Bear-Bear, and hopefully Shepherd will be given the maximum sentence.

  3. Two misdemeanor charges does not seem like enough for me. Keith Shepherd has seriously poor judgment and should not be allowed to walk around with a handgun loaded with hollow point bullets. Maybe the State’s Attorney would feel differently if he lived in Mr. Shepherd’s neighborhood.

  4. What charges? He got a slap on the hand. This is a travesty. With all the cops running around out there shooting dogs in their own yards, chained up, running to greet them in a friendly fashion – if this piece of crap got some real jail time out of it, maybe the others would think twice before pulling the trigger. Cops shooting dogs is an epidemic in this country, and this was the landmark case that could have made a difference. All they did was find a way to appease the masses with these misdemeanor charges. At the very least, I hope Keith Shepherd can never take another step down the street without somebody pointing him out and saying, “Hey, aren’t you the **** who shot the dog for no reason?”

  5. It’s not enough…but it’s something. I truly hope that tougher animal abuse and cruelty laws come out of this tragedy.

  6. I hope everyone keeps the pressure on about this — I’d hate to see a quiet, ‘backroom’ deal to drop the charges — after all, the brave, heroic shooter has a badge (i.e. a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card).

  7. Has a hearing date been set? I want to make sure I know as soon as it is so that I can take the day off of work to be outside of the courthouse with my Husky to show support for Bear Bear’s family and show that dog owners really want this to be taken seriously.

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