Life with Bear-Bear

Check out this great article about Bear-Bear!–without-the-controversy-Exsclusive-Q–A-interview


5 responses to “Life with Bear-Bear

  1. What a beautiful tribute site to Bear Bear. Such a beautiful dog! Every time I read something about Bear, it sickens me to think what this jerk did…
    There was no excuse for this to happen….
    And what happened after was just as bad….
    My heart goes out to his owners!!!

  2. I think what happened to Bear Bear is tragic and my heart goes out to his parents. Officer or not he should pay the consequences for what he did is CRIMINAL!!! Poor Bear Bear killed at a dog park is unjustified and wrong all around!!! Its even more heartbreaking after learning the sad history of this dog who triumphed abuse to finally find happiness with his new family.

  3. This entire scenario is disgusting. This trigger happy jerk should not be allowed around dogs. My heart cries out to these people who shared their lives with Bear-Bear. What a beautiful dog. I’m so sorry for the loss of him. It just makes me feel sick inside.

  4. Awesome job!

    It has been shared on our blog post for Friday – it posts at 12mn –

    We’ve been sharing as much as we can about Bear-Bear for it is his legacy – he won’t be failed again by any more UNhumans –

    Khyra and Her Mom

  5. Nancy Twerdohlib

    I am concerned that the results of the investigation into the shooting keep being delayed. On Friday the 6th it was announced that the results would be made public in 72 hours, that didn’t happen. Now they are delayed even longer. I believe the police department are putting off making the results known because if no charges are filed, there will be a huge public outcry. The longer they delay, the more people may lose interest. We must remain vigilent in keeping pressure on the police and government to ensure the right thing and the murderer does not get off.

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