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Team Bear-Bear bracelets are here!

More details to follow on how to purchase them.

Team Bear-Bear bracelets


Officer charged in shooting of Bear-Bear!

There IS power in the collective voice!  Originally.. the case was dropped..  and now we have charges filed!

Dog Play

“It is a rare dog (as it is a rare person) that never squabbles or fights. However, just as people can resolve disagreements without resorting to physical violence and inflicting bodily harm, dogs can do likewise. Squabbling and fighting are quite normal for dogs. Causing harm to other dogs is not normal…”

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Share your Bear-Bear photos here

Do you have photos of Bear-Bear or anything related to finding Justice for Bear-Bear?  Then please join our Flickr site and add them!

Rally For Bear-Bear

Thank you to all of our supporters who went to the rally outside the
State Attorney’s Office for Bear-Bear yesterday!

The 911 call from the Shooter

An off-duty federal police officer called 911 about 6:30 p.m. Aug. 2 to report he had just shot an off-leash Siberian husky inside the fenced-in portion of the Quail Run community dog park. He claimed he shot Bear-Bear in order to protect his personal dog, a German shepherd named Asia.

The following recording was redacted by the county Police Department.

Justice for Bear-Bear Petition – Please take a moment to sign!

“We are requesting a thorough investigation be done regarding this incident and appropriate action be taken against the federal officer. Animal abuse is a crime and his actions should be taken seriously.”

Please sign the petition!

Ivy League Study Finds Siberian Huskies are LEAST Aggressive Breed toward Strangers

Ivy League Study Finds Siberian Huskies are LEAST Aggressive Breed toward Strangers:

PEACEFUL Protest/Rally at State Attorney’s Office

State Attorney’s Office
7 Church Circle
Annapolis, MD
For more details visit:

Official and Endorsed Justice for Bear-Bear Items

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