Justice for Bear-Bear Petition – Please take a moment to sign!

“We are requesting a thorough investigation be done regarding this incident and appropriate action be taken against the federal officer. Animal abuse is a crime and his actions should be taken seriously.”

Please sign the petition!



3 responses to “Justice for Bear-Bear Petition – Please take a moment to sign!

  1. What a shame!!! For some reason, the cops think they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, to whomever they want, and can’t be held accountable. This is outrageous. My heart goes out to Bear-Bear’s owner(s).
    This type of thing isn’t isolated:
    Within the past year, in Danville, VA, near where I live, an on-duty cop shot and killed a DACHSUND because he said he felt threatened by it.

  2. The idea that a Federal Police Officer would act so negligently, shooting a dog in a dog park is beyond comprehension. Would this officer shoot another child for playing “too rough” with his own child? One must reasonably expect that in a public place, where it is known that dogs will run and play that there is a possibility for confrontation. Officers are trained to act with proportionate force and to use deadly force only when their life or the life of another is in danger. Two dogs playing, albeit even “rough manner” hardly constitutes the authorized use of deadly force. It is inexcusable that this officer’s command would refuse to seek charges or even an investigation into this matter.

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