The 911 call from the Shooter

An off-duty federal police officer called 911 about 6:30 p.m. Aug. 2 to report he had just shot an off-leash Siberian husky inside the fenced-in portion of the Quail Run community dog park. He claimed he shot Bear-Bear in order to protect his personal dog, a German shepherd named Asia.

The following recording was redacted by the county Police Department.


7 responses to “The 911 call from the Shooter

  1. Didnt sound to upset or caring, that was really disturbing!!! I dont know what I woulda done if that was my dog he shot, I think he’d have to shot me as well. This whole thing just stinks to high heaven, he’d better “pay” for his actions!!!

  2. cindy goldsmith

    This call was truly chilling. I heard no sense of compassion in the shooter’s voice. My heart ache’s for the family of Bear-Bear and we hope they know that all of the animal lovers that have united in seeking Justice for Bear-Bear, will no go away. We are there to support you -as long as it shall take.

  3. If you listen to the call – the dog did NOT attack the cop. He broke up a perceived dog fight by shooting a dog in the rear.

  4. That is a good point, justiceforbear. This whole thing is so upsetting.

  5. This guy is just unreal, sounds like he wanted to prove he had the right to do this based on his job, no compassion, no empathy, complete lack of remorse, shame or guilt, and he lied about what happened in later accounts, he meets the definition of a sociopath. And what kind of idiot doesn’t recognize a husky?

  6. Amazing… no compassion whatsoever (other than assuring ‘honey’ that everything will be ok) — of course it will be ok, he made sure that the responding officers would know that when they arrived, they were dealing with a ‘brother-in-blue’. What a brave, heroic ‘federal police officer’ indeed.

  7. So upsetting. I agree that the shooter is mostly involved in protecting himself and justifying his right to kill beautiful Bear-Bear. So sad to see the wonderful pictures on the right. Such a profound loss to Bear-Bear’s family: My condolences go out to them.

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