Help us find Justice for Bear-Bear!

Thank you for stopping by!  This site has been set up to help coordinate efforts in helping to find justice for Bear-Bear.

A photo of Bear leaving the Shelter for his foster home.

Bear smiles about leaving the Shelter!

Who is Bear-Bear?  Bear-Bear  was a beautiful Siberian Husky who spent his young months as a pup living a hard knocked life, starved and neglected, with mats in his long fur the size of softballs. Seized from a Delaware home where his first owner’s had tied him up outside leaving him to fend for himself in the elements, Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue came to his rescue and placed in their foster care. His foster mom, Tiffany, described Bear-Bear as “a very lovey-dovey, happy-go-lucky dog who just wanted curl up on top of you.”

Bear-Bear found his forever home with Ryan and Rachel in December 2008.

On Monday, August 2, 2010, Bear-Bear, age 3, was playing at the Quail Run Community Dog Park with Rachel’s brother, Stephen, when a husband and wife entered the dog park with their German Shephard named Asia. Never removing Asia’s leash after entering the park, Bear-Bear approached Asia with typical husky greeting showing excitement and enthusiasm to play.

Within moments of play between the two dogs, Asia’s handler instructed Stephen to retrieve Bear-Bear, accusing Bear-Bear of playing too roughly, trying to bite Asia and lunging at him and wife. Before Stephen could react to his request, Asia’s handler pulled out his personal weapon, took two steps back and fired, hitting Bear-Bear in the side. Without a sound, Bear-Bear collapsed. Stunned as to what happened, Stephen ran to Bear-Bear’s side, turned to the shooter, asking him, “Was that a taser gun?” The shooter replied, “No, it was a 9mm hollow point. I hit him in the rear so there shouldn’t be much blood and he should be okay.”

Within moments police arrive on the scene as did the owner of Bear-Bear, Ryan. Visibly upset and concerned for the well being of his dog, Ryan was kept from entering the dog park to go to the rescue of his Bear-Bear, even threatened by the on-site police officer that he’d be hit with a taser if he tried to enter, as all waited for Animal Control to arrive on the scene. Bear-Bear was found bleeding heavily from his abdomen and transported to a local emergency animal hospital where he died of his injuries a few hours later. The bullet entered his abdomen shattering nearly all his vital organs.

The un-named gunman is a Department of Defense employee out of Fort Myer in Virginia and a resident of Anne Arundel County. At the time of the incident he was listed as off-duty. The weapon he used was his personal weapon. Anne Arundel County Police dismissed the shooting within hours of the incident. After an out pour of complaints and concerns that flooded the ACP from residents, animal supporters, rescue organizations and individuals from all over the country, County Executive John Leopold stepped in and demanded a full investigation.

The gunman claims he shot Bear-Bear fearing for his safety and that of his wife and dog.

This incident is beyond unconscionable, it is beyond bad judgment, it is beyond belief. Officers of the law are not above the law and when poor judgment such as this is used and an innocent life is lost, justice must be served.

This site is dedicated to the life and memory of Bear-Bear.


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